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Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise L. Hay, designed by Blue Design
published by Hay House

Living on the Edge
by Stephen Levine, Design by Sandra McHenry
Published by Brush Dance


  • (due out in 2001:) "Soul Searching" by Sarah Stillman, published by Beyond Words publishing
  • "Living on the Edge" by Stephen Levine, published by Brushdance (monoprints)
  • "Heart Beats" by Sandra Byrd, published by Waterbrook Press
  • "New Millennium Journal" published by Marcel Schurman Design
  • "Heal your Body" by Louise Hay, published by Hay House
  • "Vanilla" by Janet Hazen, published by Chronicle Books
  • "A Cultured Cocktail" by Katherine Williams, published by Clarkson N. Potter
  • "The Earth Sky Journal" published by Running Press
  • "The Wishes Journal" published by Galison Books
  • "Creating a Peaceable Kingdom" by Cynthia D. Miller, published by Animalia publishing
  • "Jewish Women Living the Challenge" edited by Carol Diament, published by Hadassah Books
  • "Kids Kit" published by Kids Kit publishing

Book Covers:

  • The "New Moon" series- Friendship, Writing, Sports & Money, published by Random House (monoprint borders)
  • "Cool Stuff Journal" for Scholastic Press
  • "Prayers G-d Always Answers" by Nancy Kennedy, published by Waterbrook Press
  • "Save your Life Collection" and "Curing with Cayenne", by Sam Biser, published by Save Your Life Videos
  • "Earth Time Moon Time", by Annette Hinshaw published by Llewellyn
  • "Web by Design" by Molly Holzschlag, published by Sybex (monoprint)
  • "Infertility and Involuntary Childlessness" by Beth Cooper-Hibert," published by W.W. Norton (monoprint)
  • "The Four-fold Way" by Angeles Arrien, published by Harper Collins
  • "The Reinvention of Work" by Matthew Fox, published by Harper Collins
  • "Who Do You Think You Are" by Keith Harary, PH.D., and Eileen Donahue, PH.D., published by Harper Collins
  • 9 Gift Coupon Books published by Sourcebooks, Inc.
  • "Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby" by Fred Plotkin and Dana Cernea, M.D., published by Crown books
  • "As if the Heart Mattered" by Gregory Clapper, published by Upper Room Books
  • "The Worrywort Companion" by Dr. Beverly Potter, published by Wildcat Canyon Press
  • "The Busy Woman's Guide to a Balanced Life" edited by Ramona Cramer Tucker, published by Tyndale House publishing
  • "400 Creative Ways to Say I love You" (and sequel) by Alice Chapin, published by Tyndale House publishing
  • "The Feminine Dimension of the Divine" by Joan Chamberlain Engelsman, published by Chiron publications